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About Takapuna Croquet Club

Everyone knows about beautiful Lake Pupuke and the stunning stretch of Takapuna Beach, but Takapuna Croquet, with its four spacious lawns and beautiful gardens, may be one of the best kept secrets on its side of the Bridge.

"Great little club with a friendly atmosphere in a

lovely setting".



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The Club opened on 7 December 1912 and is the oldest on the Shore.  In 1953 it moved from its original location on Byron Avenue to Auburn Street and has now been humming along for over one hundred years.

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It’s been a long while since croquet was a lady’s only game because women weren’t allowed to play bowls. Takapuna had some indomitable lady champions such as Mrs O’Halloran, her reign started in 1931 and (excluding WWII) carried on to 1952.

It was more formal then but now we’re welcome to rock up in our casual clothes, wearing flat soft soled shoes and you’re good to go for club play. In case you’re wondering, we do have club colours of navy and white, but they’re only required for members at official competitions and interclub events – one less thing to worry about.

We owe a great deal to all the foresight and dedication of past members who nurtured this amazing space we now enjoy and would like to share with you.  We’re also very appreciative to our current members carrying on this tradition and continuing to volunteer their time and energy to introduce you to croquet plus keeping our large clubhouse and grounds pristine.

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Our Committee:

President: Doug Cowie
Club Captain: Anne Mortimer
Treasurer: Neil Bendall
Clubhouse Convenor: Jeannie Julian

We’re here to help so if you have any questions we’d be very happy to hear from you.

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