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Experience Croquet

There’s a wonderful sound you hear at the start of a croquet game – when mallet and ball connect perfectly you get a resounding crack. You know you’re off to a good game.

Essentially croquet is a sport where you and your partner race your opponents to be the first to whack a ball through a series of six hoops (played twice). There are definitely rules but they are easiest to learn as you play with experienced players.

Takapuna Croquet Club Hero 1
"Croquet's a fun challenge for me.  No two hoops and no two games are the same, so I don’t get bored. I’m always learning, and I love it."
Club member

It’s renowned as both a simple game for beginners to grasp, and an intelligent, enthralling game for serious players.

"It requires both skill and thought, is competitive, exciting, and fun to play."
Takapuna Croquet Club Hero 2

Croquet has a sedate and civilised image that belies just how good naturedly ruthless and high spirited play can be. It’s a game you can take to many levels and there’s no barriers to becoming awesome on the lawn and playing to your personal best. You’ll also find plenty of excellent players with very low handicaps at the club.

Takapuna Croquet Club Hero 3
"I love meeting fellow players on the lawns, then trying to whack them out of existence!  It’s a case of literally ‘going through hoops’ in order to do so."

Croquet has loads of appeal for mature players and they often have the advantage over those with less years on their clock. It’s a sport where there’s a lot to be said for winning by deftly wielding one’s secret weapons of experience, straight shooting and lethal strategy.

"Fun times. Bring your brain!  I love the strategy and trying to improve my skill level."
Takapuna Croquet Club Hero 4
golf and assocition croquet

Takapuna Croquet offers two popular ways to play:

Golf Croquet is a simple form of croquet where most people start and is a firm favourite because it’s continuous playing that is sociable, interactive and easy to learn.

Takapuna Croquet Club Hero 5
"I love being outside & having lovely company to enjoy a game of Golf Croquet."
Club member

Association Croquet also has many fans. It’s based on break play (think snooker, billiards and pool) which can mean that one player can spend a lot of time sitting down, unable to do anything to influence or interrupt the

striker's progress.

Now you know a bit about the game you must be itching to come along and try croquet for yourself. You can:

Takapuna Croquet Club Hero 6


Takapuna Croquet is a thriving club, and once you join your membership can bring you the rewards of fun, fitness and friendship:

Fees for 2022/2023 season

Full membership

Associate membership

Lawn fees for guests or non-members apply


With our great value membership, you’ll have virtually endless opportunities to play.  We look forward to meeting you on the lawns soon.

Takapuna Croquet Club Hero 7
"Good social activity with fresh air, a walk and a mentally challenging game."
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